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Please find below our Poder Substation interactive visualization tool. The tool shows a close-up view of Poder Substation from the northwest corner of Swansea Park. The tool shows several options for how Poder Substation may be screened – by construction of a screening wall and by planting trees and other vegetation. You can click the trees and wall types on and off to see what different heights of trees and styles of wall look like. Additional examples of screening walls are shown in the images below the visualization tool. The wall type examples shown here are not pre-selected or exhaustive but are meant to help visualize what different wall styles can look like.

Please take a few minutes to provide your comments about the Poder Substation design in the comment form below the screening wall examples.

Poder Substation Interactive Visualization Tool

Poder Substation Screening Wall Examples

Mixed Media Wall

Concrete Wall

Block Wall

These examples are not exhaustive. All or parts of any example may be used in the Poder Substation wall.

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